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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Decatur, Georgia

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences a family can live through. Losing a loved one suddenly in an accident can make the experience even more traumatic. Families have the right to seek fair compensation when loved ones perish due to wrongful death—and our team is ready to help. 

If you have experienced a wrongful death, you don’t need to go through the legal process alone. As attorneys at Chambers & Aholt, LLC, we put our reputations on the line to help families protect their right to fair compensation. We proudly represent folks throughout Decatur and anywhere else in Georgia, including DeKalb, Gwinnett, Floyd, Clayton, Fulton, Cobb, Douglas, and Polk Counties. 

Why File a Wrongful Death Claim? 

According to statistics from the CDC, 200,955 unintentional deaths were registered in 2020. Specifically, 40,698 were due to traffic accidents. These tragic figures are often due to negligence on the road or professional malpractice. 

Naturally, wrongful death victims’ families want to seek justice. Criminal charges aside, a wrongful death claim means holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions. Consequently, a wrongful death lawsuit aims to prevent other families from going through the same experience.  

In addition, a wrongful death claim seeks to give victims’ families fair compensation. While it is impossible to quantify a person’s life in monetary terms, seeking fair compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit allows families to recover from the financial losses sustained in losing a loved one. 

After a Wrongful Death
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What Constitutes a Wrongful Death in Georgia? 

The basis of wrongful death is negligence in causing the death of a loved one. Negligence can be proven in various ways. Consider this example: 

A drunk driver causes an accident leading to death of victims. The drunk driver is at-fault due to the negligence shown in driving while under the influence of alcohol. The wrongful death claim stems from the fact that the death was preventable. The accident would have never happened if the driver had not gotten behind the wheel. 

Similarly, medical malpractice is another unfortunate yet common cause of wrongful death. For example, a surgeon fails to follow standard procedures during an operation. The physician’s negligence leads to complications causing death. If the physician had followed proper procedures, the complications and subsequent death would have been prevented. 

These examples underscore the importance of proving negligence in a wrongful death claim. Proving negligence requires careful attention to evidence. Consequently, it can get complicated for victims’ families to handle the investigation process. That is why retaining the services of an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney can greatly help prove negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Please note that wrongful death victims’ families have two years to file a claim. Past that date, the claim may get dismissed. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions, including in deaths resulting from crimes. Extensions do not happen automatically—you’ll need the counsel of a personal injury attorney to guide you through the necessary steps. 

What Needs to be Proven to Constitute Wrongful Death?  

In addition to negligence, there may be other aspects to prove in a wrongful death claim: 

  • A lack of intention is crucial. If there is intent to cause harm, criminal charges may ensue in addition to civil responsibility. 

  • The death would have been preventable in the absence of negligent conduct. 

  • A corporation was responsible for causing death through a product. Thus, proving negligence in manufacturing, distributing, or inspecting the product may be critical. 

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Decatur, Georgia 

At Chambers & Aholt, LLC, we’ve got your back. We know what it’s like to lose a loved one, and we strive to prevent families from going through the complex legal processes alone. Reach out to us today to speak with a professional wrongful death attorney and uphold your right to seek compensation.