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Pharmaceutical Error Cases

Below are representative examples of pharmacy negligence cases that we have handled for our clients. Due to confidentiality agreements requested by the defendants and their insurers, and to protect the privacy concerns of our clients, the names of the parties and compensation amounts have been withheld.

Pharmacy Negligence in Georgia.

We were able to help a lady who had suffered permanent inner-ear damage from excessive administration of the powerful aminoglycoside antibiotic, gentamicin. This potent and potentially dangerous drug was being used to treat recurrent lung infections. Because it is known to potentially cause kidney and ear damage if blood concentrations get above safe levels, it is critically important that these patients have their blood levels regularly tested. Unfortunately, in this case, a home healthcare agency's pharmacist failed to heed the warnings of worrisome trends in the gentamicin levels, and the patient suffered harm to both her kidneys and the vestibular structures of her ears. Her kidney function eventually returned to normal, but she was left with permanent problems with imbalance due to the ototoxicity. Litigation against the home healthcare agency eventually produced a mediated settlement and compensation for this harm.

Drug Dosage Error in Cobb County.

Litigation was filed by us against a pharmacist and a national chain due to the failure of the pharmacist to properly label the dosage for the drug Clindamycin that was prescribed to treat MRSA. As a result of the labeling error, a young Cobb Count boy received insufficient medication as his mother relied upon the label to administer the medication. As a result of the mislabeling, our client became quite ill and required an extended hospital stay that include surgery on this lungs. The necessary proof was obtained from a pediatric pulmonologist and a professor of pharmacy to establish that the error was due to negligence and that it caused the need for the extended hospital stay despite the contentions by the Defendants that other medical reasons were the cause of the surgery.

Medication Labeling Neglect in Floyd County.

In another pharmacy error case, the pharmacist again failed to label the medication correctly. In this case, the error resulted in a Floyd County child receiving too much of the medication Omnicef. Our clients' child had a number of underlying medical conditions that made the issue of causation difficult to prove. The case was also a challenge due to the fact that the child had a quick and good recovery due to the care provided by his treating physicians. As such, the potential recovery might not justify the financial investment necessary to bring a lawsuit. Nevertheless, through proper investigation, we were able to show that the overdose caused this fragile child to experience pain and discomfort that he did not need to endure. A thorough understanding of the issues, aided by a medical narrative from the treating physician helped us to obtain a fair settlement in a case without having to file suit.

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