Below are representative examples of the workplace injury cases we have handled for our clients. Due to confidentiality agreements requested by the defendants and their insurers, and to protect the privacy concerns of our clients, the names of the parties and compensation amounts have been withheld.

Construction site negligence in Georgia.

Negligent construction site preparation by two separate subcontractors combined to cause a construction worker of a third company to sustain a serious shoulder injury. Both Defendants were too busy pointing the finger at each other while denying their own responsibility. As a result, our client could not obtain justice. Only after litigation was commenced and we showed that both Defendants were negligent, did our client receive appropriate compensation.

Construction site injury in Georgia.

We also successfully represented an ironworker who was injured at construction site when a masonry wall built by another subcontractor fell on top of him resulting in injuries including a distal tibia fracture. A lawsuit was filed against the masonry subcontractor who improperly constructed or modified the wall and then left it in an unsafe condition. The masonry contractor alleged that it had followed the architectural plans and properly installed the vertical support necessary to shore the wall. We were able to show that the masons were in the best position to know how the cinderblock wall was constructed and that our client, an ironworker, would not have known of its unstable condition.