Sometimes surgery does not have the desired effects. Sometimes it even creates new complications much worse than the problem that was supposedly being remedied by an operation. Medical experts agree that sometimes surgical mishaps are genuine mistakes of nature. Sometimes a patient does not respond as anticipated to a surgical procedure - or has an unexpected reaction to anesthetic medications.

Medical Malpractice attorney in Decatur and Atlanta, GA

In such cases, there might be no medical malpractice, but rather, unfortunate complications that medical professionals feel are acceptable.

In many other surgical mishap cases, however, our Georgia surgical malpractice lawyers discover that a surgeon, a nurse, an anesthesiologist or another health care provider caused a surgery mistake through negligence. Chambers& Aholt, LLC, is available as a valuable resource for patients and their families in and near Atlanta and statewide throughout Georgia. Contact the law firm if you or your loved one suffered from a surgical error such as the following:

Failure to perform indicated surgery

Failure to properly advise a client on how to prepare properly for surgery

Wrong side of the body operated on (right instead of left or left instead of right lung, kidney, breast, testicle, ovary, arm, leg, hand, foot, ear, eye or other symmetrical body part)

Failure to administer anesthesia properly

Failure to adequately care for or advise a patient after surgery, leading to unnecessary complications

Failure to monitor and treat post-operative infections, blood loss and shock

Injury to other body parts during surgery

We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis. If there is no recovery no fees are owed.