Attorneys at Chambers & Aholt have handled a number of insurance coverages cases. Here are some representative samples of our successful insurance disputes. Due to confidentiality agreements requested by the defendants and their insurers, and to protect the privacy concerns of our clients, the names of the parties and compensation amounts have been withheld.

Disability coverage dispute in metro Atlanta.

A client's disability insurer sought to reduce disability benefits based upon re-interpretation of the clear and unambiguous terms of the disability policy. Our lawyers were able to stop the insurer's reduction without filing suit by convincing the insurer that its attempt to re-interpret the contract was wrong and could subject the insurer to bad faith penalties.

Coverage dispute in north Georgia.

We also successfully represented an elderly woman against a Senior Citizen Living Community which had tried to keep her, against her will, in the assisted living portion of its retirement facility rather than in an independent living unit. Our client was forced to forfeit her substantial "lifetime lease fee" or deposit by moving out of the facility so that she could regain her independence. We filed a lawsuit alleging that the facility breached its Residency Care Agreement by failing to consult with its own Medical Director in determining whether she should be transferred from one level of care to another within the community. Additionally, the Plaintiff argued that Defendant's refusal to allow her to return to an apartment was not made based on a good faith determination of Plaintiff's health status. After a judge agreed with our interpretation of the contract, the case was settled and our client was able to recover the money she had lost by having to move out of the facility.

We have also successfully handled numerous cases for clients denied benefits under various types of insurance coverage. Such cases have included denials of coverage for needed medical procedures, denials of disability benefits, and failures to pay for property damage under homeowners and automobile policies.

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